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who we are

Prism Science is revolutionizing healthcare by reimagining the information science it’s built on so that researchers, drug manufacturers, and clinicians are empowered to deliver the best possible medicines, care, and health outcomes for patients.

On a mission that matters

We are driven by a mission to the patient and their health and flourishing by firmly grounding diagnostics, medical decision-making, clinical prognosis, and treatment on the world’s most relevant and current scientific data.


Prism Science offers a range of automated solutions that contextualize and analyze biomedical information for critical use cases across the life science ecosystem, with a focus on custom content aggregation, pharmacovigilance, and competitive intelligence.

Prism Science

AE Alert

AE Alert pharmacovigilance

Prism Science

Relevant Medicine Digest online global medical information 

Relevant Medicine Digest Online global medical information

Prism Science

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Our aim is twofold—to aggregate global data in one place and improve search dramatically

What makes us different is making healthcare better

Prism helps business leaders and healthcare professionals make the right decisions at the right time for the right purpose. The sheer quantity and diversity of our content (data lake) is unsurpassed in the industry so you no longer have insufficient data to support your decision making. We aggregate content from an unparalleled range of global sources including, 30,000 journals, 450,000 clinical trials, and over 20,000 professional conferences—not to mention grants, patents, drug labels, and drug treatment guidelines.

At the heart of our difference is how we analyze
this data to impact healthcare decisions,
descriptive, predictive, prescriptive.


Descriptive analytics

We unlock the information in massive datasets to provide the “what” and “where” and “who.


Predictive analytics

We employ an unparalleled 62 ontologies, AI, NLP, and robust human curation. These technologies and operations allow us to semantically analyze, contextualize, and then integrate what we aggregate. We collect it, take it apart, ontologically contextualize it, put it back together, and then put it to work. This unlocks what you don’t know and need to know.


Prescriptive analytics

We take it to the next level—the ability to distill exquisitely precise, precisely relevant information. It all happens on the world’s most comprehensive biomedical context graph for generating novel insights, drawing implications, discerning and projecting meaningful trends, and delivering therapeutically actionable information. We help you find the best way to ”see into the future” and determine the viability of decisions before making them.