Prism.Science was created to solve fundamental problems at the foundations of biomedical research, drug development, and patient care: the challenges of contextualizing relevant, data-driven information.

Using proprietary AI, Natural Language Processing, 62 ontologies, and a data lake of unprecedented scale, Prism is creating the global biomedical information hub of the future—the solution that more people are turning to.

Prism is the most extensive and powerful biomedical database in the world, with search capabilities of unrivalled scope, precision, and relevance, enabling drug manufacturers to make the best medicines, and healthcare professionals to make the best decisions, deliver the best care, and produce best outcomes—so that patients receive better care, enjoy better health, and live longer lives—based on the best information.

Our team of data and life scientists, physicians, and technology developers are revolutionizing information science in the service of biomedicine and clinical practice. Our portfolio consists of our searchable database, a pharmacovigilance product called AE Alert, our online physician digest known as Relevant Medicine Digest, and our Competitive Intelligence platform.

Prism is creating the global biomedical information hub of the future.


To revolutionize healthcare by revolutionizing the information science it’s built on.


To become the most extensive, current, and accessible biomedical information platform in the world—the go-to resource of drug makers, healthcare professionals, and patients everywhere.

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We’re ultimately in business to serve patients

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We’re collaborative partners first, competitors as we need to be

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We’re driven—we pursue our work with devotion and intensity

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We believe in making critical information accessible to all

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We strive at every turn to be inventive, original problem-solvers

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