MEDIA CONTACT: Hollis Templeton, Vice President, Stephen Donnelly & Associates | Launches Revolutionary AI-Powered Literature Surveillance Solution

AE Alert aggregates the adverse event data pharmaceutical companies need to keep patients safe.

Los Angeles, CA (February 13, 2023)—, the world’s most extensive and powerful biomedical database, announced today a new adverse event detection product that surpasses the shortcomings of conventional pharmacovigilance literature surveillance. AE Alert provides exhaustive global literature surveillance, monitors and aggregates all content in real-time, and delivers an intuitive interface plus powerful analytics and email alerts. The solution allows pharmaceutical and biotech companies to reduce risks and improve patient outcomes.


Mahesh Naithani’s dream of creating a comprehensive resource for scientific information began 23 years ago, when he started collecting, aggregating, and disambiguating all publicly available abstracts from global medical conferences.

Today, PRISM SCIENCE provides the worlds largest data lake/collection of journal abstracts, scientific meeting abstracts, clinical trial content, guidelines, patents and grants second to none in the industry. And all of this is done in real time and can be searched from a single portal.

While content volume and aggregation is important, the key is to be able to contextualize the content in order to provide the user with relevant information PRISM SCIENCE has developed proprietary algorithms that incorporate scientific ontologies, artificial intelligence and natural language processing to ensure precision and relevancy for predictable and prescriptive insights.

Mr Naithani invented the model for scientific share of voice that has helped numerous Pharma companies track scientific messaging. His solutions and content are helping Pharma and biotech companies to find new therapeutic targets, track drug safety, stay ahead of the competition, and much more.

Mr Naithani has more than 30 years of senior management experience in syndicated market research. He previously founded and sold three companies, Patient Care International, HCI, and Medmeme.