Launches Revolutionary AI-Powered Literature Surveillance Solution


MEDIA CONTACT: Hollis Templeton, Vice President, Stephen Donnelly & Associates | Launches Revolutionary AI-Powered Literature Surveillance Solution

AE Alert aggregates the adverse event data pharmaceutical companies need to keep patients safe.

Los Angeles, CA (February 13, 2023)—, the world’s most extensive and powerful biomedical database, announced today a new adverse event detection product that surpasses the shortcomings of conventional pharmacovigilance literature surveillance. AE Alert provides exhaustive global literature surveillance, monitors and aggregates all content in real-time, and delivers an intuitive interface plus powerful analytics and email alerts. The solution allows pharmaceutical and biotech companies to reduce risks and improve patient outcomes.

Every year, the FDA receives millions of reports on adverse events from people taking prescription drugs. The pharmaceutical and biotech companies developing these drugs must monitor these reports by reviewing literature from medical journals. However, the databases that aggregate this information fall short by only including English-language reports and excluding information from clinical trial registries. The lack of coverage results in reduced knowledge of the potential for a new adverse reaction or an increase in the prevalence of the adverse reaction.

AE Alert closes these gaps with a revolutionary solution anchored by four key product features:

Comprehensive global literature coverage. AE Alert monitors more than 40,000 biomedical journals, 20,000 biomedical meetings, and 700,000 records with safety data every year. It has four times the coverage of PubMed and other subscription-based biomedical literature databases. Non-English content from 30 global sources is translated and indexed, greatly expanding the breadth of the database.

Relevant information delivery. AE Alert extracts adverse events (normalized to MedDRA), drugs (normalized to INN), and other relevant information and uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to ensure that users receive relevant content without noise.

Real-time content aggregation and advanced analytics. AE Alert monitors and aggregates the critical information industry professionals need for effective pharmacovigilance literature surveillance, including full abstracts and links to the original full-text sources.’s proprietary Share of Mentions technology measures content insights and trends. Users can filter search results by adverse event, system organ class, drug, month/year, and source type (journal, meeting, clinical trial registry).

Easy to use online interface. AE Alert is intuitive, with dynamic search and filtering customized to literature surveillance needs—the drugs a user wishes to monitor in real time.

AE Alert doesn’t substitute automation for human-performed surveillance. It leverages technology and algorithms to expand the volume and diversity of sources while accelerating the review process so that pharmaceutical companies can coordinate with regulatory authorities, modify label information, and alert healthcare professionals about product updates when necessary—much faster. AE Alert helps companies predict and reduce risks by identifying emerging signals in real time and offers a streamlined, efficient, and compliant approach.

“My quest to create a comprehensive resource for scientific information began nearly 20 years ago when I started collecting and analyzing all publicly available abstracts from medical conferences around the world,” said CEO Mahesh Naithani. “Today, I am thrilled to share AE Alert with pharmaceutical and biotech professionals. The product’s precision, relevancy, and real-time aggregation are truly unmatched in our industry.”

Michael Wool, MD, a physician and researcher at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA, is already using AE Alert to examine adverse events related to nutritional and therapeutic ketosis. “ and its AE Alert program delivered for us in an area of rapidly evolving worldwide interest,” he said.

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