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AE Alert is Prism Science’s adverse event detection and reporting product*. It surpasses the shortcomings of literature surveillance and conventional pharmacovigilance literature surveillance, as conducted by the pharmaceutical industry today. First, AE Alert draws from a much broader circle of medical journals—not just a prestigious core set. Second, it mines the under-leveraged or ignored ‘archive’ of timely medical conference papers. Third, by leveraging AI, it complements human manual content review—in a scenario where time is critical. AE Alert doesn’t substitute automation for human-performed surveillance. It leverages technology and algorithms to expand the volume and diversity of sources, while accelerating the review process, so that pharmaceutical companies can coordinate with regulatory authorities, modify label information, and alert healthcare professions about product updates when necessary—much faster. This keeps patients safe and allows companies to predict and reduce risks by identifying emerging signals in real time and offers a streamlined, efficient and compliant approach.
*Between 2009 and 2019, the number of AEs recorded by the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) increased by more than 300%. In 2021, more than 2.2 million AE reports were submitted to FAERS. Read about how the adoption of #AI can help:

Product Features

AE Alert is a AI-powered pharmacovigilance literature surveillance solution covering what you are missing today:

  • Over 30,000 medical meetings and journals that are not in Pubmed or subscription literature databases, including non-English content. Additionally, it covers Pubmed. This ensures you have exhaustive literature coverage.  
  • Real-time extracting of the following information is populated in the system so you do not miss the latest information 
    • Title, Publication Date and Abstract with link to source (ex: full text journals)
    • Authors and Affiliations
    • Drugs 
    • Adverse Events (normalized to MedDRA PTs) to ensure “relevant” content and minimize the noise
    • Study Type (case report, clinical trial, observational trial)
    • Identification of industry authors on the content
    • Identification of whether the adverse events are on the US Label or the EMA Label 
  • Advanced analytics (graphical analysis) to help identify insights and trends
    • Share of Adverse Events for a given drug
    • Share of Adverse Events by organ class
    • Share of information by journal vs scientific meeting
    • Listing of top journals and top scientific meetings
    • Multiple drug analyses
    • And more…..
  • Easy to use interface with dynamic search and filtering that is customized for your literature surveillance needs (drugs you want to monitor in real time)

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